Saturday, October 01, 2005

One down...One to go...

The first week of my two weeks notice has come and gone. I have been really busy at work training a temp employee and busy at home doing stuff. So lets go through some highlights of this past week, not all work related.

1. Got the job, gave notice - its a highlight people!
2. Saw SERENITY - more to come in a movie review.
3. Coined my phrase of the week - "I dont give a shit"
4. Had to endure people questioning my decision to move to Los Angeles and saying things like "I would never move down there" to which I would reply with my newly coined phrase.
6. Found out about my "surprise" going away lunch. All I have to say is that if you are planning a going away thing - have someone that I normally would go to lunch with rather with someone that I rarely talk to ask me to go. Just a thought. I'm playing along, two people know I know - and I'm asking them to invite certain people that they may miss. And one of the officers who had been gone for a month makes a mention of it and I feigned not knowing - that killed him for about 5 minutes, then I told him I knew.
7. LOST - I lack patience, I dont want to wait a week to find out what happens, but I'm using self control not to read spoilers on it.
8. The AL East pennant race....
9. Saw Jennifer Garner on Jay Leno and she "accidentally" revealed the sex of her baby. I must rant a little bit about this. I'm a huge ALIAS fan - really I am. But anytime I watch her being interviewed she mentions her love for Martha Stewart - even her dog is named Marth Stewart. Can I get a little "What the..?"
10. Decided to do a special "What I'm going to miss about work" post next week.


madman said...

I like the new phrase! Good luck!

Jessica said...

Wish I could be at your luncheon Mel! Make sure that you have someone put out a "money tree" for you - they ROCK! I made $150 off of mine. Hella better than some cheesy gift from Hallmark in the pepto-bismal center and one less thing to pack too. Dig your phrase, as you may recall I used it quite a bit before I left too! I think it's an infection or something...Miss ya!

madman said...

I hope ypu don't mind that I linked you?