Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Kids Say the Darndest Things...

This was my conversation with the Jakeman on our way to preschool.

Jacob: I cant wait for school to be finished today.
Me: Why?
Jacob: Because I want to go home and wash my hair.
Me: Is it dirty already?
Jacob: No - Grandma put stuff in my hair and brushed it and I dont like it.
Me: Well we can fix it at school in the bathroom.
Jacob: But there is no brush at school. I'll just deal with it. (yes, he uses terms like that, welcome to my world)
Me: We can use our fingers and water, its no big deal.
Jacob: But mommy - it looks funny.
Me: No it doesnt, it looks cute.
Jacob: It looks funny and my friends are going to laugh at me.
Me (starting to laugh): No pumpkin, it doesnt look funny.
Jacob: It is funny - you are laughing at me!
Me: (still laughing): I'm not laughing at you - I'm laughing with you.
Jacob: But I'm not laughing.
Me: (laughing even harder)

Ok so we get to school and I'm still giggling. The teacher asks me whats so funny and I tell her about the hair. Here we go again...

Teacher: I think your hair looks good Jacob.
Jacob: It feels hard.
Teacher: But you look so handsome.
Jacob: Thank you, I think my head feels like a pineapple.
Teacher and Melissa laughing hysterically.


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Frickin' fantastic! The Jakeman ROCKS!