Monday, October 24, 2005


I had typed this long ass post about my weekend and such filled with wit, insightfulness and just plain great and now I get an error message!!??! Not to mention the fact that when I clicked on the back button, the message had erased. DAMN YOU BLOGGER!!!

Here is the quickie version:
1) Bought The DaVinci Code on CD - I dont mind commuting anymore, as a matter of fact bring on gridlock! For those of you that read the book - I'm at the part where they are at the safe deposit box.
2) My cd player in my car sucks ass.
3) Thai Elvis
4) Shannon and I at the hockey game last night. Nice car Shannon.
5) Went to the car wash on Saturday, which worked out nicely since today its misty and forgot the sunroof was open a wee bit. When telling the story, Jacob tells people that "Mommy and I were screaming like little girls"

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