Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Yes, Yes, Yes

I've been so busy. Same excuse different day. I was trying to account for my time for the past two weeks and I was shocked to realize that I had to think about what I had done.

Been catching up with friends and just trying to find some time to relax! Like tonight, I parked my ass on roomie's couch (aka my bed) and watched the hockey game (Kings won - KINGS RULE!) and now we are waiting for LOST to start.

So far, the new job is good. Like I said, very busy. I got my computer set up today - FINALLY! I've been using a temporary laptop since I started so I didn't want to set up files on the pc because I would have to move them. So since we moved, I havent had printer access, it has sucked, so I would have to email the file to the receptionist and she would print it for me. I found out that she and another guy are Guatemalan and so we have been talking about different cities in Guatemala and Pollo Campero. Pollo Campero is a fried chicken chain in Central America and its is soooooooooo gooooooooood. One of my favorite memories of traveling from Guatemala is the smell of Pollo Campero on the plane because everyone (and their mother) carrying boxes of fried chicken back to the US.

Ok- almost time for LOST. I still need to post that horrible job interview. The HR lady wanted me to call her, but I havent had time. So hopefully I'll add all that to the post.

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mr_g said...

Glad to hear the new gig is going well. I hope that's an omen that my tech support issues are about to go away.