Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!!!

Ahhh - nothing like a 90 degree day to remind you of Halloween. Damn its hot outside, trust me, I know - I went out there. I dont know if I mentioned that my cousin works right next door, I mean literally NEXT door me and he called me over because they were having tacos - since I love free lunches and tacos...I said yes. Damn they were yummy, well thats the reason why I was outside, in the sun, in my costume. Did I say costume? Yup, I'm all dressed up, one of 8 or so people in the company dressed to impress. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my costume. Still not telling you though!!! I'll be posting a picture up later. Its just too good to just let out of the bag like this.

So I went to a costume party on Friday night and let me see - highlights...
1) I was pretty much the only sober one there (which hearing what my friend went through on Saturday and Sunday I was damn grateful)
2) Got spanked by two gay guys
3) This guy was telling me about how he was attacked by Nazis, even though I was convinced he was one
4) Someone said I looked hot...luckily it was a guy but not to my face - he told my friend. BUT STILL!

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