Thursday, October 27, 2005

Get Comfy...its going to be a long one...

I have so much to say today that I’ll start off with a rather obvious and categorize these suckas for an easier read.

DUBYA: Yes, the big man has done it again. His ally has decided to walk away from the Supreme Court nomination; his vice president, chief advisor, and who knows how many other people are probably going to be indicted for the CIA leak…its like his crafty house of cards is collapsing on itself. All I want to do is sit back and watch – is that wrong? If you know me well enough, you know that I am NOT a fan of the Dubya. Never was, never will be. And it appears to me that all his scheming and conniving are finally coming to a head. Did anyone watch Al Franken on The Daily Show with John Stewart? Yeah – that was hysterical.

The Da Vinci Code: I FINISHED IT!! Holy cow that was a page turner, everyone was right. Now I’m hearing from a couple of people, one whose opinion I regard very highly, that Brown’s book Angels and Demons, which apparently is the prequel to The Da Vinci Code, is even better. So yes, I’m borrowing it. I still have The Widow of the South at home; I need to knock that one out.

Halloween Costume: Ok, this is just too good not to share. Last night I was trying on my Halloween costume that I bought online (mistake #1) – on the website it said that a medium would fit 8-10, so that’s what I bought. When the package arrived earlier in the week, it said that a small would fit 6-10 and a medium would fit 10-14 – that’s a big jump…not to mention that I miraculously dropped a pant size over the weekend. So now I was panicking, I rush to the bathroom to try on the costume and the pants are actually a little tight. I check the tag and it says medium but damn, it’s a little snug. Not too bad, I can deal with it (mistake #2). So that past couple of nights I’ve been helping out the roomie with his costume – tailoring it a bit if you will. So I’ve been doing a lot of sewing (or earning my keep as he liked to put it). Last night I finished what I needed to do with his and opted to work on mine, not a lot needed to be done just a little taking in here and there. I put the whole costume on, even with the accessories I had bought that evening and VOILA! Not too shabby – damn dropped something…I bend over to pick it up and RRRIIIPPP! Oh yeah…I immediately turn around and damn skippy, right down the seam. The roomie’s reassurances that “The material is cheap” and “They don’t put them together very well” were a nice try to make me feel better, but failed. I sewed it up again but I fear that it’s going to happen again. I need to find a back up pair of pants, so we’ll see how that goes since I have bowling plans tonight.

P/S To Scott and Kelena - the costume I told you is not what I decided to go with....something very different.

The Jakeman – he’s sick (again) and he was supposed to go on his very first field trip to the pumpkin patch today with his preschool. Damn that sucks, he was so unbelievably excited. He also got a haircut which apparently did not go that well because he banned me from allowing him to go back. I find that odd because he loves his stylist (yes, the boy has a stylist) – so I have to get the non-3yr old version of the story from my mom.

The Twins – since I was done with my Da Vinci Code reading, I opted to rejoin society and listen to Kevin and Bean (if you are not in LA, that’s a local morning radio show) and they were talking about these twins that um…well…how should I put this…are cute little blonds who have put out an album and are used widely for recruitment purposes for the White Supremacy movement. I just can’t even type any more because not only was I speechless in the car, but now I seem to be wordless here on the blog. Click HERE for the story.

Ok – I’m spent. Maybe more later.


Scott said...

All four of Dan Brown's books are great. I even read one of them twice and I don't even read, except for the menu at McDonald's

dante said...

You can download daily Kevin and bean recordings (WMA) here:

"Cott" records each show everyday and then posts them for download. The show that you are talking about is available here:

azteca said...

Crap, I was all excited about the first costume you mentioned. Especially after looking at all that leather. better post some pictures.

I loved all of Dan Brown's books. Reading is my favorite past time. My sister gave me the illustrated version of the Da Vinci Code last Christmas, best gift she's ever givien me.

I miss Kevin and Bean.

And...Lynx and Lamb really creeeeeeeeeep me out!!! Can we say psycho prussion blues?

mr_g said...

Yeah, I saw something about those two pre-teen white trash future-tramps. Call me cruel, but someone should remove their uteri before they're old enough to copulate with some swastika-tatooed skinhead hell-bent on telling the world how great the "white race" is. That's not too it?