Sunday, December 23, 2007

Freakin' Holiday Spirit

About an hour ago, my mom and I started hearing major sirens around my neighborhood. It sounded like they were driving all over the place and they just wouldn't stop. At first it was just another one of those things, but after about 10 minutes, I was seriously getting concerned. We looked out to see if there was a fire, there was nothing. But still, the fire trucks seemed to be getting closer and closer.

Finally it sounded like it was down the street. I ventured out because my curiousity knows no bounds and then, it was revealed to me.

The reason for all the noise for the past 30 minutes: SANTA CLAUS.

Yup, Santa Claus was riding on a fire engine waving at children on the various streets of my neighborhood. I'm sure this tradition is played out in cities all over so it shouldn't be that huge of a shock. But, I always feel like I get blindsided by this. Last year, I was at a stop sign a block away from my apartment when the little caravan of police cars and fire engines passed in front of me. The one thing that gets me is that I never know when it happens. Is it the 23rd? Is it the Sunday before? It would obviously make more sense that its the 23rd though.

Anyways, figured I'd share how on this Sunday evening I thought that we were being attacked, when in reality Santa was going for a joy ride.

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