Wednesday, December 26, 2007

My Ears! My Ears!

Time for a vote people - which one of these is most painful to watch and to hear?

Candidate #1
Premise: A garage band gets their big chance to perform in front of a live audience. They should have practiced a bit more.

Just...just...speechless. I mean - didn't anyone bother to tell them that they suck? Doesn't it look like the lead singer is walking around with his hand in his pocket like he's THAT good he doesn't even have to try. Didn't they audition for goodness sake? Is someone actually paying them? So many questions!

Candidate #2
Premise: A group of Pop Idol losers are asked to be the halftime show at a Futbol/Soccer match. Don't people know not to screw with soccer fans?!?!

The guy in the white shirt has to be my favorite - such enthusiasm! Let's not mention the audience reaction. The waving of the white flags are classic!

I think we all know who I'm voting for.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't watch the entire videos my ears just couldn't take who did you vote for? LOL (hope)

melissa said...

My vote is for video #2. Can't top an audience that is sarcastic as I am.