Thursday, December 13, 2007

Introducing The Youngin' To Great Comedy

Today, I bought myself a great early Christmas present.

I honestly feel that The Muppet Show (and Mel Brooks) contributed to my (and my brother's) sense of humor. So when I saw this sucker on sale, I had to get it. When I was unwrapping it, Jake asked me who the Muppets were. I had to double check that this was indeed my child but then I realized that I was a basically given a lump of life and I have to mold him into what I think he should be. God help me if he turns into Alex P. Keaton, but thats a story for another post.

Back to the we've managed to squeeze in about 9 episodes tonight since we started relatively early. Can you venture a guess who his favorite character has turned out to be? The Swedish Chef!

Here is a little taste of what my kid has fallen in love with:

OK - what kind of sensitive wimps are we putting out in the world if this is the stuff WE grew up on and everything else is so watered down? The man has a gun to make donuts! Let's not mention the Chinese cake he tries to beat with a bat, the Mexican lobster he tries to kill and the bandidos come to save him, and the chicken he treatens with a butcher's knife. So already we know much of this wouldn't fly with the current censors...but look at this treasure I actually saw as I was typing this.

Quotable line:
"Of course it's a female! You don't expect me dancing with a male, do you? That'd be weird!"

Seriously, are we fucked up? Because I find that line funny and not offensive at all and yet, it wouldn't fly this day in age on any of the kids shows. Are we better rounded adults than our kids will be or have we evolved into tolerant beings because of how open we have to be to accept the changes that our world is going through?

There is no point in getting into any discussion about this because I know you guys just really want to sing the go at it:

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Anonymous said...

Holy cow!!! I don't come to your page in a while and he next thing I know, you've got like 20 posts!! I've been missing out....I have some reading and commenting to do.....

anyway, I'm glad you put the Muppets on your blog. I was the only one in my family to adore the them. (the 2 old guys in the balcony were my faves!)
I hope Jake has been enjoying them.....I'm going to go out and look for those DVD's today. Merry Christmas to me!!!!