Sunday, December 30, 2007

Who the hell is Sherry Chow?

A few weeks ago, I received an invitation for a wedding. The wedding was for a friend that I've known since elementary school (thats over 20 years!) and his bride was someone that we went to high school with. Problem was - I had no clue who the bride was. I called my friends and they all seemed to remember her. She was in my year (the groom was a year older) and in band, and since I was on the flag team, we spent LOTS of time with the band.

Last night, the wedding arrives and off I go to see the happy couple get joined in holy matrimony. The wedding was on a yacht in the marina in Newport Beach, which was a new experience all in itself. I met up with my friend, Natalie (who totally remembered Sherry) at the marina and we walk up to the yacht to embark on our little voyage. While waiting to board, we started recognizing people. It was turning out to be a little high school reunion! There were about 12 people there from the past. One girl is still the same elitist bitch that she was all those years ago. Ahhh, memories.

Upon boarding the yacht (and I'm using yacht because I don't know if I should call it a ship or a boat), there was a security guard who needed to check our bags for weapons. What cracked me up about it was that he said "I have to check your bag, but only because the Coast Guard is watching. Ok, thats good - oh one more time he's looking again" Yes, I totally felt safe.

Finally get onboard and the champagne starts flowing. I kept telling Natalie not to let me scream 'So that's Sherry Chow!' at anytime during the night because she kept saying, you will totally remember who she is when you see her. We push off the dock and start our little 3 hour tour.

The ceremony begins with the procession of the wedding party. Here it comes - the big unveiling of the mysterious bride. She starts walking out and...I still don't have a clue! She's a beautiful bride and my friend looks extremely happy and proud. The ceremony ends and we are shuffled downstairs for appetizers while they take pictures and get the upstairs ready for dinner. After a bit, the bride and groom come down to mingle and we go up to them to offer our congratulations. Here is the moment that I was looking forward to and fearing at the same time. I was afraid she was going to see that I had no clue who she was. Nat and I go up and say hi and now her voice sounds familiar...but still nothing. Now, I'm standing there like an idiot because I can't remember her.

Dinner begins and they have a Polynesian floor show, which was lots of fun. After that, the bride and groom do their first dance. They dance to swing music and it was a nice change of tradition. For some reason, now is the time that I remember who Sherry is! Luckily I didn't scream out my revelation.

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