Monday, December 17, 2007

Being An Idiot

I've had two instances in the span of 3 days that have made me feel like an idiot. And apparently, I find enough humor it in to post it out into the internet.

Idiot Instance #1
I mentioned my cable being an issue a few blog posts ago. Since I've already done what I can do by exchanging my cable box, the cable man came by on Saturday to check out what the problem was. The cable man was nice enough to tell me that the wrong cable was used to hook up to the cable box.
Where I Fess Up: A few months ago, in preparation of setting up my living room for the "new television", I bought some cable. The purpose was to set up my TV from the north wall of the apartment (where the cable came out of the wall) and move it to the southeast corner of the apartment (where it would would look awesome). I actually pulled up the carpet, stuck the cable under the wall, and replaced the carpet all the way to the new area from the wall connection. Apparently, I bought the wrong type of cord and now I have to buy the correct type of cord and redo the whole thing to fix the picture.
Reason Why This Makes Me An Idiot: I could have paid the cable guy $35 to fix it and I didn't because "I could do it myself".

Idiot Instance #2
Yesterday, I tried putting my (automatic) car into gear and I couldn't. I would push the button on the gear shift and try to put it into reverse and nothing. Try again - NOTHING! The damn thing didn't work. Finally after pressing and unpressing the break it finally went. I figured it was a one time thing until it happened again tonight, twice.
Where I Fess Up: All my cars (in the past) were manual transmissions. My dad would often laugh at me if I was driving his car and I couldn't get the key out after turning off the car because I would forget to put the car in park. Yes, I have my blonde moments. I'm just not used to the automatic cars! I've learned all of the tricks with the sticks (no pun intented, but kind of funny now that I point it out) and when something goes wrong with an automatic it feels like I can't do anything about it because its not a manual transmission. I ended up calling the ex-husband and calling to play his mechanical skills and he told me to push a button near the base of the gear shift while pressing the button on the gear shift and that should make it work...and it did!
Reason Why This Makes Me An Idiot: I have fiddled with that button over and over again wondering what it does but never really figured it out because I thought it had something to do with the overdrive. In reality it says "Gear Shift Lock Override".

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