Monday, February 21, 2005

A drunk midget, a blast from the past, and being peed on

So thats my weekend my friends!

A drunk midget - have you guys seen THE SURREAL LIFE on VH1? They stick a bunch of b-list celebs into a house and let the mayhem run its course. They have Verne Troyer (Mini-Me), Christopher Knight (Peter Brady), and Chynna (a woman wrestler from the WWF). Holy Crap - Chynna and Verne are seriously f*cked up, especially Chynna. Its like watching a train wreck - some of these reality shows. There is another one that my mom just cant turn away from..its called STRANGE LOVE with the continuing love story of one of, if not THE, oddest couples I have ever seen - Flava Flav of Public Enemy and Brigitte Nielsen. I kinda shudder everytime I see them my mom says its a little icky. But hey, if they are happy, more power to them.

My blast from the past wasnt a complete surprise. We got invited to a reception for a couple that got married in Las Vegas a couple of weeks ago. Our family has known the bride and her family for about 20 years now. The bride used to take care of my brother and I after school. It was like a time warp thing seeing all the kids being in high school and joining the military, but alas time has to move on. At the reception, I saw my ex-boyfriend's parents there. It was nice to see them and catch up a bit. It was also funny them telling me how my ex was doing great, living on his own and just being wonderful. ANYWAYS...It was a nice little party. Then we drove to Thousand Oaks (in the freaking rain!) to visit some old friends of the family. It was so nice to hang out with them - we drove back (in the FREAKING rain) today.

So we were almost home when Jacob announces he has to go to the bathroom. GREAT! He's telling us...unfortunately there is really no bathroom until we actually get home. So we rush and I run in with him and get him on his potty and well, he didnt "tuck" that thing in quite so well, it (I mean the pee) came flying out all over my arm. He, of course, is proud as pie that he's peeing in the potty, I on the other hand am getting grossed out because HE'S PEEING ON ME! Its one thing when they are a few months old and they let loose...its another when it feels like he's aiming directly at me.

Well, I have a movie to catch and homework to finish. More excitement to follow I'm sure.

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Tati said...

LMAO!! It's like the drunk midget who pee'd in the corner on his scooter! YOU should have known to keep his pee-pee facing the opposite direction Mel--come on, even I know that I don't have kids..