Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine's Day and Some Lovin' For The Boys

So went to Vegas this weekend - had a good time. My nephew got blessed. He's so adorable. You can read up on the Vegas Sagastume's on my brother's blog. I dont know if you've noticed that I started adding links here and there. I'm very proud that I figured this out, well I exaggerate a bit, Scott helped me a lot. There was a point where the information was not clicking and I was tempted to give Scott my password to this thing to do it for me. But I wont learn anything if I do that.

Happy Valentine's Day people! I love my friends - there is your valentine's day card from me. Its funny how Valentine's Day means something different to different people. Couples are forced or expected to celebrate it, my friend Ashley and her boyfriend and not celebrating it - they are of the "We hate Valentine's Day" mentality. You go guys! Some single people hate it because its all about "love" and "affection" and all the crap that is may not be in their lives. And guys hate it because of the pressure thats put on them to make it a perfect day - every year. So guys here is something just for you. They have invented a new holiday just for the guys. Let me tell you - I'm feeling like I need be more creative and market some stuff on the net to make some money. I dont know whats a better thought in that department - this holiday or Saving Toby. I'm thinking that this new holiday should be in January so women will work "hard" so they get a great Valentine's Day. Putting it in March puts all the pressure on the guys to do well on Valentine's Day. Just a thought.


C.T.A. said...

You are right--why just on "Valentine's Day" should a guy treat a woman right. It should be everyday he gets to cherish her existence!! ;)

Anonymous said...

The door swings both ways sweety! Dont expect to be treated as if youre the greatest treasure in the world when you look as if a halloween costume shop threwup all over you. Nothing is worse than a woman who screams like a dying dolphin, that she's special. just the thought of it is making me throwup in my mouth a little bit.