Friday, February 11, 2005

I Heart Scott

I have a friend named Scott, we have been friends with for about 7 years now. Apparently I inspired him to start his own blog. He makes me laugh so hard, its hard to find someone who is of the same twisted sense of humor and since most of our relationship is based on email - its even funnier to be friends that way. We had a little discussion about email friends and one of his friends opted not to be friends anymore because it was based on email. I find that so funny. I have no qualms about being friends with anyone via email. Sure it sucks but I live far away, so you have to make due and have your relationship however you can. We would go months without emails to one another and poof out of the blue we start chatting again. I love friends like that, not to say that I would prefer the spotted communication but that you have that base that you can pick up where things left off, like family members - you know? Puts people in a special category in my book.

So if you go to his blog there is a link to a website called Save Toby. Holy crap that is HYSTERICAL! You have to see it for yourself. I told my friend about it and he said he was bummed he didnt think of it himself - frankly so am I!

So this is my blog dedicated to Scotty boy - TO BEER BREATH!

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Scott said...

This is the best entry ever. I don't know who this Scott guy is but he sounds cool