Saturday, February 26, 2005

Bad Boys...Bad Boys...Watcha gonna do?

Holy crap I had a great time on my police ride along tonight. I swear I felt like I was in an actual COPS episode. Had the witty banter with the police officer, we sped along side streets to get to calls, saw people complaining about the stupidest things in their trailer park, couple of domestic calls, and we arrested someone! WOOHOO! I'm going to have to sign up to go again - the funny part is that it was a "slow" night. Which sure, it was but it was still pretty non-stop. Its funny how cops in a small town really do everyone's bidness - you know? I mean I'm sure its not hard and since it seems its the same crowd over and over that gets into trouble. Interesting part of the night was right at the start we went to a call and the lady who made the complaint knew me - I vaguely remembered her..then her friend showed up and I knew him. Then we went somewhere else and I knew that person - the police officer I was with was asking me how many people I really did know in town...which in all honesty isnt many, just funny how we kept running into "my" acquaintences. Then again that might not be a good thing...may need to rethink my pool of friends here in town. All good though - like I said - in the immortal words of Donkey "LETS DO THAT AGAIN!"

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