Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Hurricane Adventure

So as I've mentioned before - we had friends of the family that lived in New Orleans that we had no idea as to their situation after Hurricane Katrina. Last night, we heard that they are ok and were in Ohio. They lost everything, but being ok is a good thing.

Now I guess I must explain as to why this has been such an adventure for me. About two weeks ago, I started going to webpages looking to see if our friends had posted information about there whereabouts. Nothing. Then last week, I found someone in LA looking for our friends. So I called the number posted on the message and asked if they had heard from them. Nada, darn. We exchanged information and promised to keep each other informed. Then last night, we get an email from my godmother's daughter that they had heard from them and where they were (see paragraph one). So we immediately email them and my dad wanted to put the information about who was looking for them and I found someone else looking for them as well. What the hell possessed me to be the messenger, I dont know, but I called both people back to pass on the information. I feel rather good about that. Anyways, I got to talking to one of the enlisted guys that was loitering in my office about it and its interesting how certain manners are allowed to be thrown out the window. Think about it - here I am calling someone who posted their phone number on the internet about this. I think it speaks to the closeness and kindness we could have for one another if we chose to.

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mr_g said...

I remember after the earthquake in '94 how everyone came together and helped each other...in stark contrast to the riots a year or so before.

Good luck on the new gig. And yeah, I can't imagine why you'd leave Ridgecrest for LA...oh, yeah, it's 5,000 miles from everything! Welcome back to civilization.