Tuesday, January 17, 2006

24 x 2 = An Ulcer

I have to publically apologize to Scott and every other 24 fan (including my brother) for not getting on this bandwagon earlier - where have I been? Because Scott was kind enough to try out LOST (and get hooked) I opted to try out 24 (and subsequently getting hooked I'm guessing). Holy Crap! My stomach was in knots for the majority of the time and I wanted so badly to throw shit at my television whenever the weenie of the President was on. My mom had watched the first season on DVD and had told me how she spent a whole weekend glued to the TV watching episode after episode for duh, 24 hrs.

Now we are going to have recaps of 24 and LOST every week. Lets give this 24 recap a twirl - shall we?

Because I'm a dork and watched Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy (the next show I'm getting everyone hooked on) on Sunday, I missed the first two episodes of 24, however, it wasnt that hard to catch up come Monday night. So the Russian President is in LA to sign an anti-terrorist treaty with the US President (the aforementioned weenie). At the same time, Russian terrorists had taken over the Ontario Airport and taken about 50 hostages. They promptly kill two of them off and its carried live on tv. Let me say, when it comes to terrorists, this guys are the shit. When they say they are going to do something, by golly they go right to it. So they get grab this kid who apparently means something to Jack (our hero). Jack had been hiding in the rafters feeding information to CTU (some government agency that Jack used to work for). Since there is a mole in the White House, the terrorists find out about Jack and threaten to kill the kid to wash him out and it works. Jack comes out and the terrorists try to use him to set up the rescuers but the hobbit, Sean Astin stops it and they form a new plan and capture the terrorists and save the hostages. While being held hostage - Jack sees that there was a hostage in cahoots with the terrorists and he received some keycard - later the keycard is used to access like 16 canisters of something (nerve gas). Thats it - oh and everyone thinks the first lady is nuts.

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Jack Bauer said...

How could you miss the first episode. They killed two major characters, President Palmer and Michelle, and put Tony in the hospital. You must watch the first two hours. Imagine if I missed the first episode of Lost.