Friday, January 06, 2006

Busy Busy Busy

I swear for someone (me) who claims not to have much to do (a life) - I've been rather busy and living it up lately.

Wednesday night I went to see Gone With the Wind at the Arclight. I never EVER realized how funny that movie was until I saw it with other people and heard the laughter. Let me also say that the theater was packed and when the movie started and the credits rolled - the audience broke into applause, it was really an awesome experience. Since the movie is like 3 days long - I didnt get to bed until 1am and sacrificed watching the USC game. Let me say, I'm kind of glad I missed it, I would have been to disappointed if I had seen SC lose. Oh well, moving on.

Last night took the hockey virgin to the game and watching my Kings beat the shit of the Phoenix 4-0. LOVE IT! He rated the game/experience at a 9, so yeah! Looks like we got ourselves another fanatic in the making. Finally saw my crazy/loud seat neighbor Mike and low and behold he gives me a present for Jacob. In December he followed the Kings on their road trip to Montreal and Quebec and brought back pucks for the Jakeman as a souvenier. For as much as he annoys me at the game, the guy really is a sweetheart. But still sings offkey like no other.

Looking forward to a less hectic week next week, although I have to figure out what I'm going to do about my TV issue since LOST starts up next week. EGAD!

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madman said...

Definitely a great flick!