Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Back to Work

Always kind of sucks going back to work after a holiday weekend. For me, the holiday weekend was filled with a lot of driving - Fontana/Montclair, West Hollywood, Long Beach, La Puente, Ridgecrest, then back to Hollywood. I should have bought my car a present for at least she didnt leave me stranded anywhere.

I went to go see Memoirs of a Geisha on Sunday night with Shannon and some of her friends. I barely finished reading that book that afternoon (talk about under the wire!) and obviously its not going to be as good as the book - it remained pretty true to it. Favorite part of the night was there is this twist to the story and some gals seated behind us yelled "OH SNAP!" - so funny.

My Kings came back last night and won against Dallas in overtime. Sucks I wasnt able to go to the game (I didnt want to be driving so late at night back to Ridgecrest) since it seemed the game was really exciting at the end. I'll be there Thursday night though - excited about going to a game since I havent gone for a bit - taking a game virgin. I hope it will be fun.

Rose Bowl tomorrow!!! GO TROJANS!!! Love my boys - still don't surpass the Kings but they've always been up there.


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azteca said...
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R. Bush said...

I love people who post Trojans suck anonymously no less. Let's see they have won 34 games in a row and have back to back Heisman trophy winners. No they do not suck, in face you suck Mr/Ms anonymous. Remove yourself!

azteca said...

Sorry Mel, but I agree with anonymous. I'm from L.A. and I hate the Trojans, regardless of the accolades.