Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Kings and 24

Man, those Duck radio guys are rather snippy if you ask me. In my pursuit of finding Kelly Hrudey for my jersey signature, I went to the Radio/TV broadcast section of Staples Center and asked (rather nicely) if Kelly Hrudey was there to broadcast for the OLN network. The announcer turns to me and said "This is the DUCK radio side, you may want to ask the KINGS radio side" I was taken aback - "Do Ducks not know things?" Fuck be rude, even more reason for me to hate your team. I went on the other side and Darryl Evans (the color commentator for Kings radio) was nice enough to let me know he wasnt there. Game went into overtime and Kings ended up winning in a shootout. Great game - Shannon joined me (eventually :P ) and we have our new place to park for $3.

Since I was at the game, I missed 24. I had texted Scott to let me know what happens and he calls me with like a minute left in overtime. All I did was pick up the phone and scream "We are in overtime!!" He quickly told me a couple of things and said he'd catch me up today, I couldnt wait, I found this update but I'm sure that Scotty will indulge me in asking all my dumbass questions.

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mr_g said...

I still can't get past the fact that the team was named for a Disney Movie. They're lucky they weren't the Dwarves or something!