Thursday, January 19, 2006

Where to begin?

Its not like I have a lot to say in terms of breaking news...just a lot out there to talk about. First things first - tv reviews.

Was it just me or the episode was just eh? Jack, Locke, Sawyer met some of THE OTHERS (insert ominious music here) and Kate was a dumb woman who didnt listen to Jack and got herself kidnapped. Ok, she totally annoyed me last night. At least we learned that Jack's wife left him for someone else - maybe thats why he cant commit to actually liking Kate, because he might leave her for Sawyer (who I think she should be with anyways).

American Idol
I swear I love watching the shows at the beginning where the sucky people come out. There were a couple of people that were really good but the most memorable one of the night was this guy who I swear looked like a girl. I'm sure he knew and he was playing it off to get more attention but DAMN! I have to find a picture and post it. Damn this job of mine.

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