Monday, January 16, 2006


For as much as I would like to be a vindictive bitch – I can’t do it! Perfect example happened on Friday night. I had been circling the blocks in the Miracle Mile, I found a parking spot on the next street over and a car up ahead of me was doing a 3pt turn to come back and get it – I knew he was, he had to be.

So I ducked into a drive way before him and quickly did a turn to snag the spot. I pulled up and quickly did the best parallel parking job EVER – would have been the best if I hadn’t parking in a driveway instead and the other guy got the spot.

See, that’s Karma right there. Serves me right for trying to snake his spot.

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Anna said...

oh crap... I meant this one.. this one's hilarious!!! Oh forget it!