Friday, January 27, 2006

Playing Catch-Up

Lots of little things to catch up on since I havent had the chance to type them up. First things first...LOST!

What is up with Charlie's crazy religious dreams about baptizing Aaron? Here is my theory - this is what happened to THE OTHERS - you know how Gabrielle said that basically they all went mad? Well maybe Charlie is starting to go down the path that The Others went down when they went looney. I thought it was awesome that Locke bitch slapped Charlie - I'm sorry, I know that Scott thought it was lame - but I thought it showed what kind of power hungry guy Locke is becoming on the island. P/S Loved Sawyer teasing Hurley about Libby. Hurley said that Libby looked familiar - dude - couldnt she have been working at the mental institution while Hurley was there? Maybe she's a spy and has been spying on Hurley this whole time? What if Hurley is the key to the island since he is the only one that is seeing the connection with the numbers? Just a thought.

My Kings are sucking ass right now. They lost the last two - hopefully they'll bounce back for Saturday's game against the Ducks. Went to the game last night - but boy oh boy thats its own post right there so I'll be doing that later.

Let me just say that people need to know not to fuck with a few people in the bidness - one of which is Oprah Winfrey. James Frey - the author of the best-seller "Million Little Pieces" had been accused by The Smoking Gun website that he had fabricated major parts of his memoir. He went on Larry King and denied, denied, denied - even Oprah called in and stood up for him. Then low and behold he goes back on Oprah and says - well yeah, I kind of "embellished" parts of the story. Let me say that for this guy to have pulled the wool over Oprah and have her do a 180 of her support for him - its like he has fucking cojones to screw with her. Someone's off of the Harpo Christmas card list...let me tell ya!

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