Thursday, March 24, 2005

An astronaut, a colonel, and my mother walk into a bar...

The astronaut called me again to say that he would not be able to be the guest speaker at our event. I'm bummed but I was still happy I got to talk to him. In case you were is the link to the astronaut's bio.

I met the colonel in charge of the Marines on our base. We have the funnest time chatting while I take messages for the officers in my office. Yesterday we were talking about Animal House and quoting the movie. I went to drop something off in his office and he gave me a pen.

My mom is a nut. I offered to take her to LA this weekend so she can see my brother and she was hell bent in staying here in town - why? Because she would miss Easter mass. As if our Catholic church is the only one that exists....I swear....the genes that I carry, no wonder I'm nuts.

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Anonymous said...

no wonder I'm nuts.

I completely agree.