Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Running out of titles

Seems like its going to be a catch-all post of sorts...

BOWLING: So remember last week when I was soooo money? The proof is in the pudding baby! (or is it babies?) Every week we get a team standing report that not only lists our standing and group stats, but also individual achievements. I, my friends, am listed 4 times. 4 times!
Mention #1 - 2nd place for Most Improved for the season
Mention #2 - 1st place for High Series Handicap for the last week
Mention #3 - 2nd place for High Game Handicap for last week
Mention #4 - 2nd place for Pins Over Average for last week

That euphoria was sort of short lived...bowled below my average the first game, really good the second game, and right about right the last game. The team is still in first and we won 3 of our 4 games. Life is good...only 5 more weeks left. I'm seriously going to miss this when the season is over.

WORK: So I'm helping out with a dinner party that our squadron is having and we are trying to get an Astronaut to be the guest speaker. I spoke to him today and as soon as I was done, I was "OMG, I JUST TALKED TO AN ASTRONAUT!!" The Chief Test Pilot just laughed at usual.

LOST: Rerun again...New episode next week...WOOHOO!

ALIAS: Shannon sent me an email saying that Lena Olin was coming back. For those of you who could give a rat's a** about ALIAS I'm sure this means nothing...but to us who LOVE the show...HOLY CRAP! Thats it - I'm officially spoiler free for the rest of the season. I dont want to know ANYTHING that is going to happen.

Funny story about my kid: So I bought Jacob's plane ticket to Atlanta and realized that I would have to pay a pretty penny for it since websites dont sell tickets for 3 yr olds. So I made a comment about having to pay "through the nose" for the ticket. Jacob looks at me and says "What? My nose? Why do I have to pay with my nose?" Holy cow - I know it might be one of those "You had to be there" moments but it was hysterical. All day he kept asking me if he could keep his nose...I couldnt stop laughing.


Shannon said...

My first Blog shout out! I am immortal :) :)

Tati said...

I really want a "Jacob" in my life!! Can't believe you had him scared that he had to give up his nose to fly with us...dork!

Anonymous said...

Who was the astronaut?

Kelena said...

Good Lord Mel!! Everytime You tell a story about Jacob, I can't help but much counseling is he going to need as an adult? :) ;) it's okay, Evan and I can't wait to mess with our own miniature human someday. ;p