Thursday, March 31, 2005

Pilates and a 3 year old...

So I bought this pilates video because I figured that doing pilates at home would work out best for me since 1) the classes they offer at my gym are either packed or at inconvenient times and 2) doing funky stretchy exercises are best to be done at home rather in a room full of strangers. So tonight is the night to break out the new video since I was too damn tired from work to make it to the gym for my 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of machine work. So I set myself up to do the pilates thing - and Jacob decided to join me. Ok - so I was laughing so hard at his attempt to copy the routine on the television that I was getting more ab work from the laughing than the exercises. We did an ab work out (well I did, he was pretending he was an elephant) and then the stretching one started and we were doing good until Jacob decided it would be fun to jump on me midway through the work out. Mind you - laying on your back, with your legs up over you head - wait this is starting to sound like a different kind of video....ANYWAYS - he jumped on me and we started to wrestle. I opted to just turn it off and he is now in his "castle" AKA the recliner with pillows all over it.

John Stamos is getting a ride from an elderly, kind of creepy ice cream truck driver...odd yet profound with his advice.

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