Friday, March 11, 2005

Friday...Friday...Friday - TGIF!

So this by far has been one of the longest weeks EVER. By Wednesday, I was ready to throw in the towel. Today I'm going to go get a well deserved pedicure and manicure. Then I'm going to take Jacob to see ROBOTS.

So I chatted more with my friend that found me on myspace and he was a bit peeved that after 5 years all he got was " So an old friend of mine from Universal found me on MySpace of all places." So here goes HI CRIS!!! Thats it - you have to earn your shout outs on my blog - especially since you couldnt remember that you sold me my crappy ass computer (thank YOU very much). Come to think of it, maybe I shouldnt give you a shout out.

I didnt watch the new Star Wars trailer - I was chatting with a friend who was looking forward to seeing it, but we were watching CSI.

Ok - something funny. I heard Jacob wake up and I went to play the hide and seek game he likes to play. So he was hiding behind the bed and I ran over the bed to get behind him to "scare" him. I was going to get back on the bed, I guess I jumped a little to hard because I sailed right over and on to the floor. Yeah, real smooth Melissa...REAL smooth.

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Mario said...

Hi Melissa, this is Mario (Lorena´s husband). How can you miss the Star Wars trailer for watching CSI? It was pretty cool.