Monday, March 21, 2005

The dancing...the screaming...the Jimmy

So I went to my cousin's dance recital – it was freaking great. They were really impressive. The funniest part of the afternoon was when my cousin Jonathan was screaming my other cousin Jason’s name. But I mean, clear as day – JASON!!! With the voice cracking and everything…ah family memories, good times, good times.

So there is this weird guy from Whittier harassing me about getting put in my blog. Here is your little mention. Leave me alone ;)


Anonymous said...

Greeting's from the weird guy. Yes, I wanted a mention in the blog. Up until last week I had never even heard of a blog. But apparently Melissa puts you in her blog and good things start to happen. Take a look at what I have read...
"I was nobody. I never got invited to parties. Nobody liked me.Then Mellisa mentioned me in her blog. My life has never been the same. Thank you!! Love, Paris Hilton

So now that I have officially been mentioned I am expecting big things. Some new tires for my house. A job where I don't have to wear a paper hat. A Brazilian bikini wax (summers right around the corner).I am soo happy!! Mellisa you rock.

melissa said...

Jimmy - you need to read this

Live and learn my new and learn.