Wednesday, March 09, 2005


I have been trying to log into this thing for 2 days and it would never load! Let me clear something up - in my post about the mechanical bull...I said that I went out to smoke - I dont smoke, I went out to make a phone call with my friend that smokes. Smoking is icky.

WITH THAT SAID...many little developments...where to start...

WAY TO GO SCOTT! Scott's softball team won their championship - CONGRATS SCOTT AND LOADED!!! See how you were first Scott - thats love man!

MY KID: The Jake man is nuts. I gave him a bath on Monday night and for some reason, probably he was tired, he was so against me washing his hair. I never EVER in my life wanted to get a hose to rinse him off. Until that night...THEN I take him out to dry him off and get him ready for bed and he wants to go back in to the tub! It was drama...let me tell you. Then today I guess he went with my parents to the library and he fell. OMG he has been Mister Drama King all freaking day. Needing assistance to walk from his "injury" and everything. So I was getting him dressed for bed and I took the band aid off and low and behold it was a pretty bad - like I would have been crying (of course I'm a wimp). Not like my sister in law Missy who did her child birth totally au natural AND at home. Damn girl - remind me not to meet you in a dark alley. So we went to Wal-Mart and I bought him a new car seat. He graduated to the one that is like a booster seat but with a back. Its so cool - they have cup holders and everything. He can now keep his Dr. Pepper close to him, since I tend to drink it when I hold on to it. I swear he's growing up so fast.

BOWLING: Bowled my average all night. Won all 4 games - still in first place. We got a new member to our team - he's been there two weeks and I already dont like him. Well I'm sure he's a nice guy BUT when someone tells you how to bowl EACH AND EVERY TIME it gets rather annoying. PLUS I'm usually the only one on my team who bowls their average. You bet your ass I threw THAT in his face.

OLD FRIENDS: So an old friend of mine from Universal found me on MySpace of all places. I've given up on Friendster. I opened an account and forgot my password and have yet to get it emailed to me - and yes I ask for it over and over again, they just dont send it! I even sent in a help request and I got some generic message. OH WELL - to MYSPACE it is. But I will still keep my blog here - I'll be damned if I have to get creative twice. No need. I need to save my creativity for my lit class.

JOB INTERVIEW: So I had a job interview for an HR Assistant job in my old area. Working with the same department different group. I'd like to get it, but I'm really getting the hang of where I am and I really like it. We will find out on Tuesday.

Watched ALIAS tonight. I need to start recording The West Wing while I watch ALIAS. I'm going through West Wing withdrawl. Amazing Race was good last night.

Scott got me all pumped about working out. I'm probably going to start up at the gym again next week. I'm actually going to attempt the treadmill. I never do the treadmill for a few reasons...1) I dont run 2) I'm not coordinated enough to run 3) I tried it once and actually fell down and got taken for a ride - yes like those commercials. I stick to the stair machine where the ability to look like an idiot is self evident.

Ok pretty big post tonight. I'm spent - I'll try again tomorrow, hopefully no technical or user difficulties will prevent me from sharing my little life with you guys.

Now that I have done this - I get to work on my midterms. I love the priorities in my life.

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TATI said...

LMFAO!! Can't believe you are letting the machine beat you?! You need to write down your passwords my Dear...And CONGRATS on the bowling..Can't wait for you to kick Scott's ass in bowling when we go to Atlanta!!