Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'm lost in LOST

I love this show. If you are not watching it - start watching! WTF is up with those numbers? Thats all I'm saying.

So yesterday my boss gives me some sign up sheets - apparently on April 1st, there is a SPORTS DAY here on the base where departments create teams to compete against other teams in the command for SPORTS DAY domination. Apparently our squadron did really well last year. I'm hoping to get a team together for bowling - thats my contribution for Sports Day. They even have a competition for Halo 4. Thats how much we are with it peeps!

I'm going to LA this afternoon - my friend's grandmother passed away Monday night and today is the wake and tomorrow is the mass and funeral. She was a very sweet and funny lady. My friend is hurting and it hurts that I cant be there to hug her. Living far away sucks.

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