Wednesday, September 07, 2005

45 minutes for Ice Cream?

Yeah - thats how long we waited yesterday at the new Coldstone's Creamery in our town. I took the Jakeman to go get ice cream and the line was out the door. I had driven by the new place over the weekend and figured that going right before school lets out would be the best time. So we get there and apparently school had already let out. Yeah, line was almost to the door. In the Jakeman's thinking, we didn't have to wait - because there was another line, a shorter line...yeah, that was the EXIT. So I get in line (because I know better) and he goes to wait at the exit and is trying to get the attention of the gal behind the counter. He finally gave up and came to wait in line. 45 minutes later...I would have left after 15 minutes, but I was already there and the whole "setting an example thing" we get to the front of the line - sweet victory and Jacob turns to me and says "Mommy, I have to potty!" Mind you, this boy tells you he has to go, about 3 seconds before he HAS to go. I actually said "Are you sure?" all the while he's doing the 'dance'. So I look at the people behind me and tell them to go ahead of me and we duck into the restroom. We come out and the people let us back at the front of the line. We get our ice cream and head home. I just thought it was funny.


Anonymous said...

HOORAY for the pee pee dance!!

Veeba said...

First of all, cold stone is amazing and well worth the wait! Second of all, thanks for comments on my post. Sorry to hear about your breakup but I hope that you are happy now. I know that I will find happiness soon - it's just always hard at the beginning. Thanks for being there!