Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Gotta Love the Gloomy Weather

It started to rain last night and its been gloomy all day - can I say I love it? Sometimes too much sunshine is too much - its like a friend that is always optimistic, you want to tell them to shut up or have them fall just so they'd calm down a bit. Thats kind of how I was feeling - it was a little to "happy" around here. Damn that makes me sound like a bitch huh. But I'm sure you all know what I mean, I just say it out loud is all.

I never got to post what I did over the weekend (I've been busy). I went to the pre-season Kings vs Ducks game at Staples with the Jakeman on Saturday. Got a real taste of what being a season ticket holder is going to be like. Met my seat neighbor. Boy let me say that the day after sitting next to him - the word FANATIC really doesnt apply to me, which I guess is a good thing. I'm so glad hockey is back....yeah! Sunday went to my nephew's birthday party and had an indepth discussion with family members and strangers as to what the technical terms for family members are.

So lets play: Who is this person to me?

My dad's sister is my aunt (yes, I know) so this aunt's son is my cousin (1st cousin), my cousin's child is my 2nd cousin? my nephew? I say nephew but some people said it was 2nd cousin. Answers welcomed - no matter what I'm still the aunt in this case. Just curious to see what you all think.

The party was in Griffith Park and for as long as I lived in the area, I did not realize just how big that park is and how much stuff is there! Gotta go back and explore it a bit more.

So I had something else to say and I completely spaced it - seriously, I had made note of all these witty comments that put in here and now - NADA. What a crock. Sucks that I may have to start doing outlines of my damn blog post. Oh I think I have it - I was watching "How I met your Mother" last night (pretty cute - gonna check it out again next week) and the main character was obessessing about how he didnt kiss the girl he had gone out with at the end of the night so he does this romantic gesture and dresses up and goes to her apartment at about 1am to kiss her and his friend (played by Neil Patrick Harris) says "This is totally going in my blog" and I found it so hilarious because I say that all the time when people do something funny or, even better, stupid. So since this blogging thing creates an invisible community its interesting how we can connect with other people just through, what basically come down to, public pen pals. Thats all we are. I write (post) - you write back (comment) and keep up with one another's lives, that is if you have a blog, others I have to resort to calling and actually having some sort of conversation with from time to time (damn you Oscar). I've had moments that I just put stuff out there for shits and giggles and other times I totally vent on this thing. I do read other blogs, not just the ones linked here and you find this common ground that is like support group or something. See - I rambled.


Johnny Menace said...

a nice slap to the face will shut up that optimisic friend. I'll give you that one for free.

Kelena said...

all my second cousins call me Tia....and all my mom's cousins are my Tia's......so there's my answer. I agree about the weather, we had a kick ass storm last night, thunder, lightning, the works.
Griffeth Park is the best,I used to go there with my homie Renee....we would go to the observatory late at night with a bag of Tommy burgers, stare at the L.A. basin and contemplate life....God I miss those days.

Average White Guy said...

I don't know why I know this---but your cousins nephew--would be your cousin once removed---you are removed by a generation! Sorry I had to know that boring stuff. I too love the rain and your blog is cool!

melissa said...

Johnny - yeah, thats what I was thinking too! Great minds think alike.

Kelena - Thats my thing too - the Tia thing. We are family, thats all that matters.

White guy - my brother actually sent me a link that has a chart - I told him he was crazy if he thought I could figure out what the freaking chart meant. Here is the link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consanguinity