Sunday, September 04, 2005


My busy ass week is over and I finally get around to posting it. There are many aspects of this week that need to be posted - for sheer venting reasons and its weird how we try to phrase things in our minds for others to read. Sometimes when I write something I write it for myself and end up erasing it. Other times I just start typing and say fuck it.

Two huge events (for me anyways) happened this week.

The Jakeman had his very first day of school.
Yes I know I mentioned that. I cant believe my child is old enough to go to school. I just cant believe it. I dropped him off and he was so excited. Since he was born - my mom took care of him so for me its very strange for him to be somewhere else other than home. I'm so excited to see what he is going to learn and how other kids will challenge him. I do know that he's going to get sick more - which was evident when he missed on Thursday and passed his cold on to me. I know its good for him - don't get me wrong. I just want to be a fly on the wall and watch him try to show off for the teachers. When I picked him up, she told me little things that he did and it occured to me that I was the parent. Don't look at my blog with that tone of face- I know this. But sometimes you have moments that you say "Oh yeah, I'M the parent." Most of the time, you play with them its like you are a buddy or even older sibling - you know? Then comes the doctor's visits or the disciplinary actions and it clicks that YOU have to be the grown up. Ahh, the joy of it all.

Rockstar has left the building
I'm so unbelievably sad that when I return from vacation my boss will be officially be gone. We had the big ceremony on Friday and where someone else relieved him and he's getting ready to move back East for a bigger and better job. I had come to grips - its part of the whole military thing. But sometimes you can't help but get attached to the people you work with, its human nature. Well I did good during the ceremony, even when he got his promotion (yeah Cappy! I can't say that to you at work but I can say that here). I had to go to the car and when I came back and saw that his name had been replaced - I freaking lost it. I had to go to the bathroom and calm down. Then I walked his family out and started to cry again. I swear I'm such a wimp. Dont get me wrong - I'm a fan of the person who took over for him - he is awesome. But I'm still going to miss the Rockstar. But what did make me just laugh (and I promised Rockstar I'd put this in here) is what happened to the bunnies. The bunnies you ask? You remember, the ones my Abuelita gave me. Well - he read the post and I brought the bunnies in during the week and left them on his desk. So Friday he and his family were in there gathering the last of his things when his daughters found the bunnies and "just had to have them". Rockstar's wife calls me into the office and the two girls ask if they can keep the bunnies. I was heartbroken to part with them but got over it about 3 seconds later. The funny part was when I told them which one was the girl bunny and which one was the boy bunny and they both had the same look I gave my abuelita. Classic!

Ok - movie reviews to come in another post.


Anonymous said...

Thanks M-.

Anonymous said...

Evan and I know exactly how you feel. Everytime one of our friends or co-workers that we love has to PCS, we get a little emotional. I've been at four bases in my career and Evan has been to three,we've met some great people throught the years.