Thursday, September 01, 2005

Stop and Breathe

Holy crap it has been busy so far this week and its not going to end. Lots of work stuff is going on and as of Friday afternoon - I'm on vacation from work. YEAH! Still not sure what I'm going to be doing, but I'll probably be catching up on some sleep and spending quality time with the Jakeman. So quick recap:

Newness Event for the week (yes, its that good)
I had never taken my child to his first day of school. Yup- it was Jakeman's first day of preschool and let me say, I cried more than he did. I'll probably get more into this in another post.

Havent had time to watch any movies so far this week but I want to go see Must Love Dogs tonight. We shall see.

I'm so happy August is over - this month has pretty much sucked ass because of something I've been dealing with, I lost 6lbs this month from stress. Who knew that would finally be an effective weight loss program for me. So happy September!

Job Search Update: I called around and I'm hoping to have some interviews set up for next week while I'm on vacation. We shall see.

One last thing - WTF is up with the counter? I was neck and neck with Scott's page views and now I'm down to 2. I'm convinced he figure out someway to reset it.

Happy Thursday!!!


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When I got married I gained like 25 or so pounds...wife used to cook all the time! When she got cancer a few years and went through the surgery, chemo etc. I lost it ALL back in a few months! Stress is scary!!!