Thursday, September 15, 2005

Am I A Bad Parent?

Last night was our very first parent/teacher conference. Yes, I know. I'm kind of shocked that after 3 weeks of preschool - they are setting these meetings up. Obviously parenting is a new thing to me - yes, I have been a parent for almost 4 years now, but every 6 months or so, something extremely new comes along that it throws a major curve ball into your happy routine. So now, my child is a preschooler. A PRESCHOOLER! Let me tell you somethings that I thought were going on versus what was happening.

I thought: Jakeman is the South room
Reality: Jakeman is the EAST room (this is important since they tell you things like picture day for the South room is on, lets say, Tuesday and pictures for the East room is Thursday - big difference que no?)

I thought: Thats a bunch of junkmail they put in your parent box
Reality: Thats a whole bunch of INFORMATION they put in your box

I thought: They play all day long - its like a glorified day care.
Reality: There is a method to their madness!

So last night was a parent night versus the dreaded parent teacher conference. Now, these nights are held on a monthly basis. MONTHLY BASIS? And they have events like potluck lunches, walk a thons, class events....what the hell have I gotten myself into? In one night, I've appreciated all the crap my parents went through with my brother and I while growing up. The director of the center got up and started describing in depth about the program that the Jakeman is in. They showed a video and we sat in chairs made for 5 year olds. I actually was impressed with the alternate ways they teach things to the kids. For example, they have a giant pushpin that the kids use to create pictures using a stencil or outline - in reality they are strenghtening the muscles to use a pencil. Very interesting - right?

A quick funny for Auntie Shannon
On Tuesday night, I was telling my parents about the parent teacher conference the following night. Here is my conversation with Jacob when he overheard that phrase.

Jacob: "Mom, what is that?"
Me: "A parent teacher conference? I'm going to go to your school and talk to your teachers about how you are doing in the class"
Jacob: "Like playing?"
Me (being a smartass and not realizing it) "No, to see if you are being a good boy or a bad boy in school"
Jacob (with his bewildered look): "Mommy, I'm so sorry for everything I've done. I promise to be a good boy."
Yes, I was doubled over with the laughter.


Shannon said...

You are a parent who is learning. And one of the best ones I know. Keep up the good work. And give my sweetie a kiss and hug for me.

Daddy-0 said...

uhhh shannon i wouldn't boost her ego like that ...we on the guatemalen side of the family are trying to keep her down

Keepin' it real


Anonymous said...

I can only hope to be half as good at being a Mother as you are.