Friday, September 23, 2005

Seriously, let me call them first

I have a second interview with the owner of the psychic bidness. I also have another interview with another company - honestly I'm all about the recruiter thing so I'm hoping to get that job.

Ok - gotta get on the road.


Daddy-0 said...

Honestly if you don't get the job you should satnd up a nd scream"Well i called your hotline and they said i would get this job today. So YOU ARE LIARS." And then set the building on fire.

Ohh ohhh

It would be hilairous if they had a psyhic in the room while they interviewed you the psycic woud lean over periodiclly and whisper things into the interviewers ear....

mr_g said...

Why does a psychic hotline need a recruiter? Couldn't the psychics just tell them something like, " Bob Jones in Palmdale, he's perfect for the position and he needs a job..."?

Good luck; I hope you get it!