Thursday, September 08, 2005

Vacation Highlights

Ok - a few interesting things have happened on my wee little vacation. I'm sure they are interesting to me because of my warped little mind - but hey its my blog, I'll do what I want.

Blast From The Past
Myspace is like a haven for people from the past. As I've mentioned before, my friend Ivan from San Diego found me on MySpace and it was a joy to catch up with him. But last night my peeps, last night, I had to CALL someone and send IM messages out of sheer disbelief as to who emailed me. Now its not so much the person but how much this person has changed. WOW! I wish I could create a little emoticon of a drooling face. I went to high school with this guy and he was tall, long hair, glasses, dorky, always extremely sweet and funny - now he got contacts (or lasik, I didnt ask), lots and lots of muscles, tattoos, still sweet and funny. Where is that drooly emoticon?

My Slave Labor
Yes, I know it sounds worse than what it is, but let me paint a picture for you. I went to wash my car (auto wash - gotta love it) and Jacob just loves going through it with me. So afterwards, since I'm trying to be a caring car owner, I went to vacuum the damn thing. But Mr. Helper wanted to help, so I stood back while he took the trash out and then proceeded to vacuum the car. Now, if I smoked, the picture would have been perfect because I was leaning up against the car just hanging out while my 3 yr old was busily vacuuming the car - picture that - he's bent over vacuuming while I'm just standing there looking obliviously at the street. Some woman actually did look at me and I'm like "What?" then I realized how the scene played. Luckily the quarters ran out right about there and we left - I'll armor all it tomorrow.

I've Got To Stop Watching MSNBC
Yes, I have purposely not talked about Katrina. I don't know what the hell is wrong with me but everytime I end up channel surfing I end up watching the Katrina coverage. Something about me is that I love watching disaster coverage - its horrible, I know. But I dont know why I get sucked into it. And needless to say - its freaking depressing! We actually have family friends that lived near New Orleans that we still dont know what happened to. I've been going website to website looking for information on them - any kind of information but I cant find them- but our gut is saying they left the area.

Featured Reader
Ok - I selected the next featured reader. Gotta get the picture and the questionnaire answered. Hopefully I'll have that over the weekend.

Yahoo+Norton=Annoying Pop Ups
I downloaded this new Yahoo with Voice and now I get these annoying little pop ups from my Norton Antivirus. Can I go back and download an older version of Yahoo IM? What a bunch of crap.

My IM Stalker
For a while now, there is this guy who tries to hit me up to meet up with him to get busy. I constantly tell him I'm not interested but god love his persistance. I get an IM about once a week from him. To me this is more entertainment than an annoyance. I just ignore his IM windows but I dont have the heart to flat out send him to Yahoo IGNORE land. You seriously have to piss me off for that to happen, and it has happened. So anyways, I was chatting with Kelena yesterday and he hit me up again - this time I looked up his profile to see if he put a picture up (out of sheer curiousity) and there is a picture of him (waist down) with a "friend" pleasuring him. I swear - I cant get away from penis pictures.


Anonymous said...

Evan says he can't to have kids so they can mow the lawn and do other assorted tasks...he says that as soon as they're old enough to walk they're old enough to mow the lawn. I just laugh and then glare at him because I don't think he's kidding. It's o-kay, he'll have to get through me first....LoL

Average White Guy said...

Sorry--I won't do it anymore!

melissa said...

Kelena - the first time that kid is old enough to go fetch something for you - you have this sense of pride mixed with "I have a go getter!" It gets to be funny because the are so anxious to run around for you - see, I aim to please so let him get me sodas, get my shoes, and help me pick outfits. I know, I'm raising him correctly...right?

White Guy - thanks man...solved that mystery.

mr_g said...

Would you have preferred a picture of a stranger pleasuring him? At least he has some decency...MAN, what a nut!