Thursday, September 22, 2005

Can I make a call first?

No post yesterday because I went to LA to interview for job placement. Let me say that as time consuming as it is to deal with an agency - it is so worth it. They do all the work for you! So I had my appointment at 830am and I had an interview at 2pm with a company. Ok - this is a much so that I had to call people to tell them about it even though its going in the blog. Remember what the title of this blog is - Misadventures of Life....this is MY life goes.

I met with one of the recruiters who thought my experience and personality would be a good
match for this position. And then she says "I have to tell you what kind of company it is". Now, they way she said this led me to believe the company was evil, I mean its not like she was going to say "Ok - this company is a shoe manufacturer" oh no, this was something else. And then she says is - (don't laugh) "Its a psychic hotline" (stop laughing). If I had a camera, I would have taken a picture of my face when she said it. I know these are companies, but to actually work for one? The laughter was starting to build inside. Then said said quickly (probably in response to the look on my face) "But they are legit!" Still with the laughter in my head. She actually asked me if I'd be ashamed of working there and asked me what my friends would think - I said that they wouldnt be surprised. They explained the job - its a recruiting job - yes my first question was "Do I have to recruit the psychics?". The answer would be no - they have their own recruiter, however this job would be to hire everyone else, customer service reps, tech people, admin assistants and such. I went to the interview and it sounds like an interesting job- I dug the people and the atmosphere. I'm not going to get more into it on here, but damn it was hysterical. So thus the call reference in the title, Juan said I should say I called the hotline and say tell them that their psychic told me that I got the job.


So this blog of the week is an interesting one (but on a certain level they are all interesting right?). Its one about a set of identical twins that decided to switch places to see if they could pull it off. One twin is a psychology major in her doctorate program while the other sister is in her second year of law school. The blog is from the point of view of the psychology major in law school. Poor girl. Its called the Twinkie Experiment. Now I've been having trouble recently being able to scroll to the bottom of the page, I hope you guys dont have an issue. Might be my stupid computer. They started the blog in August so its not a lot of reading to catch up on.

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Kelena said...

Evan says that you should put Miss Cleo down as one of your references. Absolute job success!!lol....I say whatever it takes for you to make money so you and Jacob can come out to N.C. to visit us, yes?