Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Movie Reviews and a special TV Review

Apparently a good thing about being on vacation is all the free time to do whatever it is you want to do. That little plan, however, doesnt work out too well when you live in the middle of nowhere and you have to find different ways to entertain yourself. For me, the weekend was full of lounging around on my bed and watching tv. Ahh the joy of laziness. But at least yesterday I did all my laundry and managed to do some "spring/late summer" cleaning. A little productive - not much, but a little.

Must Love Dogs - Finally got my fill of John Cusack in this pretty cute romantic comedy. Like most romatic comedies its relatively predictable but I'm willing to shell out the extra cash for Johnny boy and Diane Lane. Ok, more for John Cusack. Oh yeah, and I saw my old buddy Kirk Trutner in it too. You did great as the deli guy! Oh wait, he doesnt read this - darn it.

All About Eve - a true classic and on my AFI list that I needed to cross off. People, this movie is so awesome, its unbelievable.

A Civil Action - I stayed up late and caught this on TNT. The beauty of staying up late is falling asleep during the movie and not knowing how it ends...so if someone knows how this ends, I would greatly appreciate it - THANKS!

My Super Sweet 16 - Oh dear god! I have never ever EVER seen more spoiled little girls than on this show. I came across an episode that the girl actually told her mom to shut up and sit down on the couch while she looked for her dress. I know - I would have been bitch slapped from here to New York if I talked to my mom that way. Anyways, its just unbelievable how spoiled these girls are.


Shannon said...

I forgot you were on vacation. I sent you an e-mail asking what happened to the DG Blog??

Johnny Menace said...

what about my name is earl?

Average White Guy said...

Hi--I have been reading your blog for awhile! I do envy you on having time to watch the old flicks! Nice reviews and nice blog!

melissa said...

Shannon - email me at home mrs314 on the yahoo deal - I dont have your work email here.

Johnny - I've only seen the promo for it and I'm intrigued.

White Guy - Thanks! I dont have that much time but I squeeze in a flick here and there when I can.

Shannon said...

Um, I can't figure out how to do the mrs314 (Yahoo) thingy. Just call me whenever or text message me with your personal e-mail.