Friday, September 16, 2005


Evan finally answers my questions and even more finally sends me his picture for this thing. Apparently I'm a bit of a celebrity with him, even though we've never met. Evan is my friend Kelena's husband and by virtue of association - is my friend too. All I have to say is that I'm nervous that I'm notorious.

I dig the studly pose...

1) Where do you live? I rotate between living in Raeford, NC and Kuwait...4 months there, 4 months's a vicious cycle! No doubt, stupid military and their need to have you well trained and deploy you were they want you.

2) What do you do? I am Loadmaster on the C-130E Hercules cargo aircraft...the greatest flying machine ever built! One of my hornet guys called it "a flying gas station". I personally really dig the harrier but hey, its "your moment".

3) Why do you read my blog? Because it never fails to enterain me. The sharp wit and humor of your writing is probably the envy of the Blog World! Yeah, lets both keep telling ourselves that.

4) What is your favorite story? This is going to sound cheesy, but I gotta say favorite post so far has been the featured reader on my wife, ya sweetie! You are right, that is cheesy.

5) Seriously - are you that bored over there that you read my blog? Seriously, "bored" has nothing to do with it. I look forward to your posts every day and will look forward to them just as much when I'm back at my real home in North Carolina! Yeah, Kelena already warned me about you and the comment posting.

6) So any single guys in your unit? DETAILS! Tons of them...and they all have great insurance, medical, and dental. Were those the kind of details you were talking about? No - I meant like pictures, personalities...we need to work on our communication.

7) What is your favorite chick flick? That question is so unfair! Are you trying to ruin your rep?!?! Because I am a movie nut and love ALL different types and genres of movies. I do have several "chick flicks" in my collection. My favorite in any genre could vary from time to time depending on a wide array outside influencing factors, but for the time being the first two that pop into my head are Serendipity with John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale and Return to Me with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. This question is akin to asking a woman what her pair of shoes are. My favorite shoes are my black converse...see how easy that was for me?

8) What do you miss most from home? (Don't say Kelena, that a cop out) If you didn't want me to say Kelena, then you shouldn't have asked what I missed the most. However, a close second are our chihuahuas: Chico, Mia, and Lucky...they are like my kids!!! KISS ASS

9) Vegas, Baby...VEGAS!!! I soooooo cannot wait to go to Vegas!!! I am really looking forward to meeting you and everyone else that Kelena talks about all the time. There are basically two kinds of Vegas trips for me: Gambling trip and Relaxing trip. This one is going to be the relaxing trip that I desperately need after coming back from a four month deployment. Stay at a great hotel (Bellagio), have great food which includes but is not limited to In-N-Out Burger although its not quite the same as Cali In-N-Out, take in a couple of shows, go dancing with my beautiful wife, and maybe have a spa day. The relaxing trip is always with Kelena. The gambling trip is usually with my Dad and borther or another friend, because Kelena is not into the gambling thing. But when I got to gamble, I go to gamble! I may not leave the tables for like 30-40 hours's kind of the complete opposite of the relaxing Vegas trip. No kidding but let me ask you this - you didn't want your rep to be ruined because I asked you what your favorite chick flick but you admit to having a spa day?!?!

10) Seriously, any single, cute, funny, interesting guys in your unit? None with ALL of the above qualifications. Pick like your top two qualifications and get back to me. Am I given the "guy" as an automatic qualification?


Anonymous said...

Evan says " Careful about the C-130 comments. Thats borderline Herc bashing and thats the equivalent of talking about my mother" end'll post my comments later.

Kelena said...

Wow this guy is HOT! But I'm biased. As for chick flicks, I happen to know that he also digs "The Notebook", how's that for ruining his rep. lol Anyway, one more month and he's home!! YEA!!