Friday, September 16, 2005


Goodness its been quite a week. Since its been a while since I've taken time off for the hell of it, coming back to a full 5 day work week has been a reality check. I know that 5 days is what most people work but we get spoiled and work compressed work weeks and get every other Friday off. With strategically placed sick or vacation days, you can get yourself some nifty time off. Anyways, I'm tired and ready to be sleeping in this weekend.

General question for the 7:15am too early for "Stars and Stripes Forever?" blaring out of a coworker's stereo? Rockstar knows where the rest of this rant is going to go.

Did I mention I'm in a somewhat bad mood? I've come to realize that I'm not concentrating on work. I've noticed some things that have slipped past my radar and I've made some big mistakes - frankly I've had a bit too much on my plate. Yesterday, someone went completely out of there way to point out my mistake on something in such a rude and disrespectful way, that I left work early. I was so pissed. Anways, I'm trying not to let it get to me, but it showed me (again) how petty people can be around here and its bullshit. Pushes my masterplan of winning the lottery or running my own business. I'm thinking the own business thing is what will probably happen first - in like 10 years or so. My problem is that I'm a loyal person and this is persuading me not to be. To say "Fuck it" and just walk away - but I'm not that type of person, although at the moment, I'm feeling like I could be.

Just for Oscar
YOUR left her "in charge" (Oscar already said oh god!) of recording Survivor: Guatemala last night. ***I did not know this*** We had ABC on which had America's Funniest Home Videos and the show had started, about 5 minutes in mom says "What time is that Survivor or whatever show on?" I told her it was on right now on CBS. Then she tells me that I need to record it right now for dad. Ok - knowing my dad, the sole reason he wanted to record the show was to see what they were showing off about Guatemala, not the show itself. When I got to it and hit record - all that had passed. Then we had to sit there and watch the whole show and I had to hear mom laughing (pointing and laughing) at the contestants when it started to rain saying things like "Dont they know it always rains there?" or when they had to sleep out in the jungle "These people arent going to make it". Honestly, I was waiting for a story about how she survived out in the jungle for a week with nothing but swiss army knife and her hopes and dreams. Although I did learn that, according to mom, that lake they kept traveling back and forth on is filled with crocodiles AND we have a great uncle that lives there. WHO KNEW?!?!


Anonymous said...

Evan is bummed that I didn't DVR Survivor. But He knows I'm technologically challenged. But I did think of you when I watched it!!

Shannon said...

I was totally thinking of your "Guatemalannes" while watching Survivor last night. I thought it was a good episode and they had something one beforehand talking about all things Guatemala.