Wednesday, November 09, 2005

All I Got

Yeah kind of quiet on the homefront today. Left work early after someone pulled the fire alarm in the building – made my way to Target in search of some storage drawers but the place looked like it had been ransacked, so no drawers = no organizing. Got home and made dinner – it came out surprisingly good. I’m actually always surprised when the food comes out better than just edible. If you know me, you know my lack of cooking skills - somehow watching all that Food Network with Jacob has worked. I made Beef Stroganoff – I giggle when I say it because it sounds dirty. Hung out on the couch and watched Arrested Development, My Name is Earl, and the Office – then I started my new “catch up on this show on DVD” quest – NIP/TUCK. Holy Crap! I was speechless and couldn’t tear my eyes away from the first episode.

Happy Birthday to my little brother. I had to do the math that we do every year to figure out how old you are. Penguin – I’m proud of you, not because you forgot my son’s birthday (ARGH!!) but because of the life you have made for yourself and your family. Love you all – give them my love. Especially Missy – and tell her to smack you in the forehead for me. You may be bigger than me but I’m still your older sister! Until I hit 35 then I’ll be doing the switcharoo that Tia Lucy does with dad.

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