Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Jakeman has left 3 and entered 4...

Yup, yesterday was Jacob's birthday and boy do I have a story to post! I will post the weekend festivities and then post pictures later, because I know that procratination comes really easily to me and since the memories are fresh - its better to do it now. By the way, there is the slight chance that my brother is reading this and realizing that he forgot his nephews birthday. I wonder....

Par-TAY weekend...I first have to tell this story that Shannon loved about Jacob and yes this will be a fairly Jacob-centric post but since crap always happens to me, I hope it will be fun to read.

This was the plan:
1) Drive up Thursday night and do laundry
2) Drive down Friday late afternoon and spend the night at Shannon's
3) Kings game Saturday afternoon
4) 8pm Medieval Times show
5) Spend the night at my uncle's house
6) Have my parents take Jacob back home (they were going to drive down for Medieval Times)

***Side note - I needed to remember to bring back my pillow that I had left up there a couple weeks ago and bring back a Harry Potter movie that my friend had borrowed...I remembered the pillow and forgot the movie, I managed to call my parents before the drove down to bring it with them, and like a dumb ass I forgot to get it from them. Its no wonder I make TO DO Lists for everything***

On Friday, before we headed out of town, I wanted to go buy little birthday party hats to wear to the hockey game so we go to Kmart to get them. I tell Jacob before we enter what we are getting (its a little trick that sometimes works - as you will soon read). I grab the bag of hats and Jacob starts grabbing other party stuff, like plates, napkins and such. I tell him that we are only getting hats for the hockey game, he doesnt get it (or doesnt want to) and holds on to the stuff even tighter, like for dear life. My child typically doesnt cause a scene sooooooooo this was kind of bewildering to me. There we are and I'm trying to calmly get the party stuff back to put it on the shelf. Not a chance, I go to grab for them and they fall on the floor, he accuses me of taking them out of his hand (duh) and I put them back on the shelf. Now he's standing there yelling AT ME about getting the party stuff. I decided to save some dignity and decided to leave - preferably with the child but that wasnt working out very well. In front of the photo "lab" with the photo guy there, he starts yelling (oh yeah, YELLING) at me about getting the plates. If you have ever heard kids scream - they have this ear piercing squeal that sends shivers down your spine. I have kind of gotten used to it - the photo guy on the other hand was caught off guard. So finally I pick Jacob up forcibly remove him from Kmart. I take him to the car and strap him in his car seat. As I walk around to the driver's side, this lady looked at me like I was evil - I just looked at her and said "The parent always needs to win". She looked at me with this look I'm still trying to figure out. As we are driving away, he starts apologizing and then says "I don't know what came over me" Yeah...gotta love it. I tried very hard to keep from breaking out in laughter. We didnt go back but did end up buying then before the hockey game - which he tried to pull that trick again and I walked back to put the hats back and he immediately apologized - gotta love the power!!!!

Hockey Game
Got to the game late because of the aforementioned party hats. We got to our section and I passed out the hats. I loved that the two guys behind me wore the hats for the majority of the game. It was so much fun - I had arranged it so they would announce his birthday and put it on the jumbotron and he freaked out. It was so cool. Kings game back from 2-0 to win in a shut out, great hockey afternoon all the way around. To Scott - no Mike...darn it.

Medieval Times
I have to admit, I was a little leery about taking the Jakeman to Medieval Times for dinner, but it can be a crapshoot with kids - but holy shit it was AWESOME! I had shown him the website and clicked on the videos to prepare him and it worked. The party crowd was my parents, Jacob, Sophia, Sophia's friend Nicole and moi. You have to get there so early and I was nervous about the whole short attention span, we nearly lost him a few times but he held on. My dad bought him a little wooden sword that he kept sticking in his pants. I swear it was as funny as it sounds. So we sat with the Green Knight - who is the dirty, smelly, disgusting knight. Gotta love it. We sat down and soon the festivities began.

THE BEST MOMENT OF THE NIGHT: They were about to introduce the Green Knight and its tradition to bang your soup bowl on the table to welcome him into the arena. So my dad goes to get his soup bowl to start banging - what he failed to notice was that the soup had already been served. Oh yeah, all over himself and my mom. It was hysterical. She thought it was pretty funny.

In cheering for the green knight - we found him to be arrogant, cute, and sexy; especially when he would stick his tongue out. We had to endure the attitude all night and it was fun. In case you have never been or heard of Medieval Times - there is a little story involved - where the King's brother is killed and they have to have contest to find out who the best knight is to take over. Midway through the show the wizard has a vision that the brother was betrayed by someone. Remember, how I mentioned that Jacob had seen some of the videos? Yeah, he's screaming - THATS THE BAD GUY, THATS THE BAD GUY, when they were talking about something else. Then I asked him how he knew and he looked at me and said "The Internet" Great, I wonder what else he's going to pick up from the damn internet. I have to say that he loved it - when I post the pictures you will see just how much he was paying attention. He was sitting on my lap when the jousting and hand to hand combat started and he was dodging and mumbling words of encouragement. I'm telling you - awesome.

After the show, the Knights came out into the "nightclub" to mingle with the fans. I took a picture with the green knight because hello - he was our knight. And so Sophia, Nicole and I were chatting and then this blond gal goes up to our night and starts flirting with him. We wondered if there were knight groupies - figured probably but she was full on wanting the green one. She would giggle, toss her hair, went to get her picture for him to sign - it was shameless and WE needed to do something about it. So we did a little p-blocking. You guys can figure that term out. Its not like WE wanted him, but it really needed to end. I took a picture of Nicole and Sophie with the green knight and he had to ask her to move away because she was crowding the picture. I was laughing too hard that by the time I took the picture, she had walked away. We'll have to see if you can see her in the background.


mr_g said...

"I don't know what came over me." Absolutely classic!!! Good parenting too! Now he knows you mean business...good technique to use on car salesmen too!

Jessica said...

Dad...soup....I'm still chuckling!

I can't believe that he had to ask her to step away... What a moron. Gives all of us blondies that like to flirt with dirty medieval guys a bad name.

Happy Birthday Jacob, you little monkey!

azteca said...
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azteca said...

Happy Birthday Jake! I wonder where you get all your little quips from? Could it be your mother is rubbing off on you, or is it genetic? lol
Regardless, keep up the good work, it keeps us all in stitches.

Daddy-o said...

First i'm an idoit...i will have to get him a good gift...

second....soup dad i can hear mom making that how she will NEVER EVER NEVER let him live it down..NEVER

Third had a friend work at medevil times ( he was the King) and yes they had groupies