Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Damn the Virus!

Not only have I started to reorganize my roomie’s place but I’ve managed to accidentally download a virus on his computer. Let me explain the gravity that this holds in the homestead…the man is compulsive – in a good, cute, loving way. For example – I went to his place and we had an “Entourage” marathon – I had gotten up to get something to drink and we needed to change the disk, so since I was up I offered to do it…the answer was no. I jokingly asked if he just didn’t want me touching his fancy schmanzy DVD player and the answer was yes. Now not only am I allowed to use the remotes but I’m allowed to change DVD’s freely. I also figured out the TIVO thing and don’t bother deleting anything I just watch.

Back to the virus – so I went to a website I had gone before to get HTML codes for my MYSPACE profile. All of a sudden, pop up windows everywhere, I tried closing them but they kept popping up. Roomie is an early bird and so when the anti virus popped up, I closed everything and let the computer do its thing. Next morning, I told him what had happened. He wasn’t pissed so I figured that was a good thing. The next night, the computer was running some anti virus thing I didn’t even bother logging on. Ok, following night – all seemed to be fixed so I logged on to Yahoo and BAM! The anti virus thing pops up again – this time the roomie was still awake but in his room reading so I went to get him. I jokingly asked him if I was banned from the computer and he said no, but to lay off the porn site…yuk yuk.

P/S I just finished watching FIREFLY the series, which is what the movie SERENITY is a continuation of and WOW! I mean WOWIE WOW WOW. People, rent it buy it, have parties for it. It was such an awesome series, I loved the movie and so I wasnt surprised by how much I liked the series but it was still funny, poignant, and just all around great.


mr_g said...

Firefly was a very cool friends brothr was the exec producer or director or creatorl...something like that, so I remember it well. Really out there...probably why I loved it and most people didn't get into it.

Jessica said...

Yeah, Mel. Lay off the porn...