Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Movie Review: SHOPGIRL

I forgot to tell you that I went to see SHOPGIRL last night. Should tell you what I though of the movie – BORING!
MAYBE if I had read the book I would have understood it more.
MAYBE if I had not been tired I would have enjoyed it.
MAYBE if it wasn’t so slow I would have liked it more.

I don’t understand how Claire Danes is getting rave reviews for her portrayal of Mirabella – she did about the same thing that she did in My So-Called Life” lots of looks and shy smiles. The best parts of the movie were when Jason Schwartzman gets into the picture. But these scenes were few and very far in between. On a certain level it was cute (like I how flip-flopped there?) but most of the picture I was waiting for it to end. And let’s not get into how creepy Steve Martin came across; I kept wondering how much plastic surgery he had.

Final Rating: RENTAL or Saturday Afternoon on TNT

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