Thursday, November 17, 2005

Breathless - for a few reasons

Howdy Ho people!

What a Wednesday night! Ever wonder why the nights that you figure are going to be lowkey are the ones that end up being the most entertaining?

After work I went to Target to buy the Jakeman a belated birthday present since we are having a belated birthday party for him this weekend. Since the toy section is RIGHT next to camping, I opted to check out the camping gear for an inflatable bed. A few nights ago, when I was sleeping on the couch, I got such a horrible back pain that I really couldnt sleep. I've had to sacrifice my favorite pillow to use as extra cushioning. Anyways, I opted to buy the twin bed in hopes to not feel so cramped in the morning. Spent more money I thought possible at Target and went home to make dinner. By the time I was all done with dinner and such, still had about 30 or so minutes left until LOST started. So I decided to open up my new bed and get it set up. Now this may be such a girl thing to do butI didnt realize it DIDNT come with a pump. Thats right - no pump. All the pictures had pumps, nowhere on the box did it say *Pump not included. Now I had a dilemma - do I go buy a pump or start blowing? My first instinct was to use the hair dryer but I'll be damned if it didnt say right on the instructions not to use the hair dryer - I must admit, I am a rebel but if the thought crosses my mind and I immediately see something to the contrary, I tend to take it as a sign. Bicycle pump didnt do my any good - so au natural I went. It didnt take me as long as I thought it would - I took breaks while we watched LOST and South Park to blow it up so not to shabby.

Come on now - Scott, I hope this episode redeemed the series for you. Answered some questions for me and I thought it was pretty damn good. I can't wait for next week and the reunions - Rose/Bernard, Sun/Jin, Kate/Sawyer...found this LOST theory that seems interesting. Who knows if its crap, I just like getting sucked into the madness of it all. I got to work early and missed Kevin and Bean's recap of last night's episode. Darn.

Last night had to have been one of the funniest episodes ever of SP. It was called "Trapped in the Closet" - Stan went to take a personality test with the Church of Scientology and they said that for a nominal fee they can cure his "depression". So he pays the fee and goes to take a reading of his phenoms (or something like that) - it registers through the roof and the heads of the Church of Scientology believe that Stan is the reincarnated spirit of L. Ron Hubbard. When they go to Stan's home and try to get him to lead their church they explain their beliefs and during the whole "story" they put a disclaimer up that said "SCIENTOLOGISTS REALLY BELIEVE THIS". Let me add that John Travolta and Tom Cruise where there trying to recruit Stan and after Stan insults Tom Cruise's acting, he locks himself in Stan's closet. The rest of the episode was a running joke of getting Tom Cruise to "come out of the closet" - eventually John Travolta and R. Kelly join him (the whole R. Kelly "Trapped in the Closet will be another post shortly because I just heard of the latest chapters). In the end - Stan refuses to be the leader of the C.O.S because its a scam and the congregation (that has gathered on his front lawn) starts saying that they are going to sue him for talking bad about the religion. So Stan dares them (the camera) to sue him and the show ends. In the credits, everyone's name was either John or Jane Smith. CLASSIC!!!


Jessica said...

I have not watched one single entire episode of LOST (I know I'm an alien or something) but after reading that theory and spending an additional hour on the rest of the forum, I am EXTREMELY intrigued and may very well have to sacrifice some paper-writing time to work it into my schedule.

mr_g said...

I gotta start watching South Park again....what a great show! Years ago when I sold copiers, I went to a company...Sterling Management in Gledale CA...they manage dentists offices or someting like that. Anyhow, they're run on scientological pricipals. They even had a full view...sectioned off with velvet rope. When Igot close I saw the nameplate on the guessed it: L.Ron Hubbard! Freaking Wacky!!!

mr_g said...

And that should've been "principles".