Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tidbit from the Hockey Game last night

Just a little something until I can post something worthy. This is a little conversationI had last night with some guy while waiting to go into Staples Center. Gotta make a note that I ended up going alone because the person I invited got sick then the back up had to work late.

This guy is about late 30's.

Him: Hi
ME: Hello
Him: Whats going on?
Me: Oh, nothing, I'm trying to see if I can sell my extra ticket, since my friend couldnt make it.
Him: So you are a big fan huh?
Me: Yeah, pretty big I guess.
Him: Damn, pretty and a hockey fan. Where were you when I was single?
Me: Probably in high school

His friend started laughing. I walked into the arena and lost them. I wasnt trying to be a bitch, I was just being funny. I saw them later waiting for the Metro and then again on the Metro. He kept looking at me but never once approached me again.

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mr_g said...

That's where you were when I was single... :)