Thursday, November 10, 2005

LOST and Dying Plants...

New episode of Lost last night and wowie…its wasn’t mind blowing and since I had my suspicions as to who was going to kick the ole bucket, it didn’t come a big shock. HOWEVER in finally allowing myself to go on to the message boards –there is a theory a brewin’ that I’m all over. I need to stop. But it was good, oh so good.

As funny as this sounds, even though I’ve been down here for about 3 weeks or so, I’m finally branching out and being sociable. I kind of have, but for one reason or another I’ve been rather reserved about going out after work and having fun. Maybe because I feel guilty that I’m the one down here and my son is up with his dad – I don’t know (see, who needs therapy, I can do this myself). I have plans to go bowling with Sophia again tonight AND I have a shopping list of things to replenish at the apartment. Finally, other than doing the dishes, I’m feeling useful.

Celebrity Sighting –
I saw Mark Moses this morning putting mail in a mailbox on the corner of Whitsett and Moorpark. Mark Moses plays Paul Young on Desperate Housewives. When I told my mom she said “ Did you ask him what was going to happen to his son?” My reply “No mom, I was DRIVING! Plus my window still doesn’t work.”

Plant Update
Talk to the Jakeman this morning and I told him it was his job to take care of my plant since my mom told me that she used piece of string to wrap around all the leaves and stems to make sure they are standing up. Somehow I think he will do a much better job than her.
Me” Jakey, I have a job for you.”
Jakey: What is it?
Me: You are in charge of my plant, Grandma isn’t doing a good job.
Jakey: What do I have to do?
Me: You have to water it, put it in the sun for a little bit, and then talk to it on occasion
Jakey: Talk about what?
Me: School, what you did that day…whatever you want
Jakey: Will it talk back?
Me: No *(Made a mental note never to show Little Shop of Horrors to my child until he is about 10yrs old)


mr_g said...

When he's 14 and asks if the plants talk back, be concerned...he might be talking about a different kind of plant!

Scott said...

What is the lost theory??????