Tuesday, November 08, 2005

For Scott

I feel so special! Who knew I had that much power with someone I didnt give birth to. Things are good - had a date last night nothing like Taco Bell and watching TV to bond people. Actually it was nice because I was a bit down since Jacob was gone and tired from the long weekend.

I was listening to Kevin and Bean this morning and they were talking about people having sex with inanimate objects. My question is why most of the callers were guys? I mean seriously – are you that horny you just cant use your hand? I heard about a car tailpipe, a watermelon, between the mattress and box spring, a roll of bagels…I formally apologize to Peggy for that little rant.

Also I had a little bit of a revelation, I bought some pointy toed shoes for my pimp costume and I loved them. Now I put my other boots on (with a square toe) and it just doesn’t have the same feel. I heard or read somewhere that once you get into the pointy toed shoes, you never really go back and I’m finding this is true…what do you think Scotty Poo?

As for voting – hmmm I’m all about taking down Ah-nold but I don’t know if my residency is going to pose a problem. I’m registered in Kern County and since I can’t drive up there to vote…I’m still going to try. Have to find a polling place around here and go show my little card. I’m sure it won’t be that hard since it seems like a majority of people around here hate the Govenator. I have no interest in seeing 50-Cent’s movie. I’ll eventually watch it on VH1 like I did Eminem’s movie. But yes, I’d like to avoid the gang conflicts as much as possible.

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Jessica said...

I had an addiction. A pointy shoe addiction. I'm not ashamed anymore. I can only use my experiences to help others through theirs. Having pointy shoes on made me feel like I was on top of the world...or an 80s rock star...whatever. Anyway, boys would try to mess with me and see the 'lethal toe' and slowly back away. I just couldn't get enough of the power-the juice. Until one day, when the edge wore off...of the point of the shoe, that is. I knew that it was time, time for me to go to PSR and try to get my life back-one season and designer at a time. I know that pointy toe shoes look fantastic with my jeans, peeking out just enough to illicit a compliment from the drunk girl next to me at the bar, But it's not about that, right? People like me for me, not my pointy shoes, right? RIGHT?