Monday, November 28, 2005

Just Random Updates

For as much as I dont have much to do, I have been damn busy the past few days. Mostly because I've been looking for an apartment. Damn apartment hunting, seriously. I found this place I love but they want a lot of money like in 3 days, I just can't do it without selling an internal organ or my child. So I may have to let it go - darn it.

So my new job - I'm a recruiter right? I'm supposed to hire people and I hired someone! I was so excited, I called him last week and offered him the job and he accepted and today - he didnt show. Bastard. I called him and he told me that his mother had a relapse of cancer and he couldnt leave her - how do you get mad at that? Seriously. How-without sounding like the bitch that I can be? I told him to call us when she feels better to see if an opportunity is still available. Ugh.

Talked to the Rockstar not too long ago. Its funny how you miss people's voices. I also called Kelena over the weekend and chatted with her. Somehow both conversations ended up on Harry Potter, which is cool since I saw the last movie.

I have to figure out how to spice up this blog, its getting kind of dull. More tweaking to come I guess.

Started to read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown (the book previous to The DaVinci Code). I'm at the part where they found out what was stolen from the basement.

Ho Hum....

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mr_g said...

It's definitely hard to get mad at the sick relative. I tried talking to my senior family members about scheduling their deaths and illnesses a little better. It didn't help!